Dispensing Donald T-Rump : Miracle a Day Project
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Miracle a Day Project

Dispensing Donald T-Rump

by Susan Fay on 12/11/16

Sometime in September, I renamed my rooster. I had been calling him Scooter-roo, but when he became increasingly brutal to the five hens entrusted to his care, leaving their backs bloodied and featherless, I decided to call him Donald T-rump. 

Sadly, Donald T-rump's unwelcome sexual advances went beyond brutal, culminating in his murder my favorite hen, Carmelita.

Justice is simple here at the ranch.  If one of the animals attempts or succeeds at taking the life of one the other critters, it is segregated or dispensed.  Donald T-rump's carcass was left out in the woods, an offering to the wild things.

It took several weeks before the three remaining hens healed, gained weight, and stopped looking over their shoulders for the nasty-roo.  Little Red Hen was in the worst shape.  As you can see from this snapshot, she's looking marvelous.



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 Paulo Coelho
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